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Services and Benefits

Aqua Therapy / Whirlpool

Allows for an earlier start of rehabilitation

Increased strength and circulation
Improved cardiovascular health

Improved cardiovascular health
Increased muscle strength

Improved weight bearing

Increased circulation and tissue mobility
Reduced edema and muscle spasm

Increased tissue extensibility
Decreased scar tissue formation
Decreased muscle spasm and pain

Electrical Stimulation
Muscle re-education
Reduced muscle atrophy
Reduced pain

Decreased pain
Improved flexibility and circulation
Decreased inflammation

Increased Strength





Rehabilitation following surgery or injury can help to maximize your petís outcome.

Benefits of rehabilitation are:

bulletNon-invasive approach
bulletPromotes speed of recovery
bulletImproves function and quality of movement
bulletReduces pain and swelling
bulletIncreases strength, range of motion, co-ordination, endurance and performance.
bulletImproves quality of life
bulletMay prevent injury

Mission MedVet's top priority is to provide compassionate, state of the art veterinary care for your pet.  We strive to fully educate our clients about their pets' conditions.  Our doctors will discuss all of the diagnostic, treatments, and options available so those clients may reach well-informed decisions about their pets' care.  We communicate often with family veterinarians in order to insure continuity of patient care. 

Our doctors remain current on recent clinical advances and regularly present continuing education programs to area veterinarians. 

Pets are recognized as members of the family.  Many owners want to provide the highest quality veterinary care available, and Mission MedVet offers that opportunity to our clients.

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